Art’s mission is not to copy nature, but to express it. We must, as artists, capture the spirit, the soul. Make things, which are outwardly “dead”, come to life. Art acts on sensitivity and, therefore, can only act through sensitivity.

Reluctantly raffling the passing of the hours, days and years, we should allow ourselves the free use of moments to get closer to that opulent garden that emotions offer us, that pleasure that any artistic manifestation boasts.

What really excites and fascinates is not only a vision, it is the perception of that vision. I don’t think we retain details, and if we do, we unconsciously correct them to adorn them to the point that they will transform into something else, it will be like a dream in a dream, in which the original will be transfigured.

Mathematical calculation will never produce artistic results. Measurements and scales are not outside but inside the artist.

Reflection, evaluation and correction are part of every creative process. It works on a trial and error basis. The painter, in this case, arrogates to himself in the corner of his own serenity. Emotions are harbored in retreat.

The contemplation of an art work, the light, the color, the gesture allow us to experience the joy of being flooded by true emotions. The artist tries to discover a heightened statement of emotional tension.

Works of art take us to personal places, moments and stories. They have great evocative potential and place us at the emotional epicenter of the human being.

Araceli Fernández
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Academic Titles and Courses

  • Graduated in Geography and History from the UAM
  • Teaching Diploma from the Santa María-UAM School of Teaching
  • Medium Grade of Piano, Musical Language and Harmony. Technique and Lyrical Singing Repertoire by the Arturo Soria Conservatory of Music
  • Jazz oriented piano by Escuela Creativa
  • Workshop “Pictorial Procedures”, given by José Hernández
  • Workshop “Drawing”, given by José Hernández
  • Course “Processes and strategies in the field of contemporary drawing”, taught by Miguel Ángel and Javier Pardo Ordoñez
  • Plastic Arts Course: “Engraving”, taught by Eva Santín
  • Workshop “Trace and gesture as an exploratory movement in the living model”, given by Miguel Ángel and Javier Pardo Ordoñez
  • Workshop “The Portrait”, given by José Sánchez-Carralero
  • Workshop “The function of the line in drawing through the living model”, given by Miguel Ángel and Javier Pardo Órdoñez
  • Course “Collage”, taught by Sean Mackaoui
  • Course “Encounters: Collage and Recycling”, given by Francisco Recuero
  • Workshop “The human figure through drawing”, given by Sánchez-Carralero
  • Workshop “Infographics applied to painting”, given by Miguel Recuero Zarapuz
  • Workshop “Literary Creation and Critical Reading”, given by Sara Cantó
  • Workshop “Creative Writing”, given by Eloy Tizón
  • Workshop “Representative skills in drawing-Exploration and analysis in the living model”, given by Miguel Ángel and Javier Pardo Ordoñez
  • Workshop “Figure”, given by José Sánchez-Carralero
Academic Titles and Courses


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